{Fun Stuff} Print Quality

I thought I would do a brief post on print quality. Since my pricing includes the CD of images and my clients are left to decide where to print, I am regularly asked where they should go. Take a look at this photo, courtesy of Erin Noie Photography:

As a former 1-hour printer, I was horrified to see the descrepancies in these images. When you hire me to take photos of your family, I do my absolute best to get a solid, quality image for you to display in your home, give to your family, etc. Please, please, please, spend a tad more (really – like $1-2 more for the average 8×10) to go with a true photo printer. So, here are my top 3 print recommendations.

1. Me. I do not charge for printing, just what my actual charge is from my printer. It includes free overnight shipping with a 1-2 day turn-around. You truly cannot beat the quality of a professional printer. We both want your images to be beautiful!

2. mPixwww.mpix.com Reasonally priced, great quality and quick turn-around! Lots of fun options for photo gifts as well.

3. SmugMug www.smugmug.com This is only my 3rd choice because they do require a small fee ($5 per month) to host your images. However, again, the quality is worth the small fee. Remember, you can cancel your membership at any time!

Always remember – if you want the image you see on the screen, go with a professional photo printer! Happy printing!

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