{Wedding Photography} Monroe Country Club

When Shannon from Planned Perfection called me on Friday, I nearly blacked out. Ha! Becoming a photographer is a daunting task. Becoming a photographer in a city where you know no one is even more daunting. So, when Shannon asked if I was available to come shoot the details of a wedding she and her husband, Michael, had planned, I could not have been more excited! I arrived, took care of business, and am pretty pleased with the results!

Shannon and Michael, you guys are fantastic! I was blown away by every little detail being in place. I didn’t get to meet the bride, but I’m confident she was beyond thrilled when she walked into their reception!

If you are in the Charlotte-metro area and looking for a wedding planner or even just a day-of coordinator, I cannot recommend Michael and Shannon enough! You can find their website, with contact information, here: Planned Perfection


Location: Monroe Country Club, Monroe, NC

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