{Waxhaw, NC} Children’s Photography

One of the biggest problems in children’s photography is our expectations. We (guilty as charged!) expect our curious, active toddlers to magically sit still and smile for the 30 minutes-1 hour we have them in front of a photographer. 9 times out of 10, that just isn’t going to work. That’s why these are lifestyle sessions. If you truly want to capture your 2 year old showing who they are at 2 years old, it will NOT be them sitting pretty and smiling. Guarantee. So, when Sarah mentioned how much Matthew loved his fire trucks, I knew exactly where to go – the old fire station in Waxhaw! He was happy, doing something he loves to do, and we showcased WHO he is at 2 years old!

I have a feeling they get that look a lot! 😉

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