{Charlotte, NC} Newborn Photography

January has definitely been the month of newborns in Charlotte, NC and I absolutely love photographing them! Miss Caroline was a bit anxious to make her appearance and surprised her mommy and daddy a few weeks early. Love it! 🙂 Lauren and Chip are totally smitten with their little girl. Who can blame them? She is a dollbaby!

2013-01-17_001 2013-01-17_002 2013-01-17_003 2013-01-17_004 2013-01-17_005 2013-01-17_006 2013-01-17_007 2013-01-17_008 2013-01-17_009 2013-01-17_010 2013-01-17_011 2013-01-17_012 2013-01-17_013

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